Happy Valentines Day + Spring/Summer Shoot!

First and foremost-

‘Happy Valentines Day!’

Whether you’re coupled-up or a fabulous single lady, Valentines is the perfect evening to spend some quality time with your other half or celebrate sisterhood with girlfriends. (Oh and of course receive some great gifts!)

Basically, here at WalG, we love any excuse to get dressed up, grab some yummy food, dance and drink some fruity cocktails, all while in the company of loved ones…

How will you be spending tonight? Remember just because you might be solo does not, I repeat DOES NOT, give you the excuse to stay home, cry, eat a whole tub of ice-cream and watch RomCom’s.

Firstly we hate seeing mascara streaks, puffy eyes and food in undisclosed places, secondly self-pity does nothing for us. So grab your girls, hit-up the town and celebrate LIFE-not that you need an excuse.

Anyways lecture over.

In other news we just did the most amazing photo-shoot over at the The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch (https://www.hoxtonhotels.com/).

The hotels’ unique design provided the perfect back-drop for our creative team to bring there vision to life, which was 1960’s and 1970’s cool with a modern twist, just like the American Hustle film (which we love the wardrobe for btw) and we think it turned out great!

Click around our site to check-out more of the photos from the shoot.

We hope you like!





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